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Canaan Township is located in the northwest corner of Morrow County, Ohio. 

The Township consists of 27.5 square miles and is home to approximately 963 residents (2020 census). The trustees maintain over 21 miles of roads and 3 cemeteries. Canaan Township has three school districts in its borders: River Valley Schools, Northmor Local Schools, and Mt. Gilead Exempted Village School District.

Canaan Township is covered by three fire districts: First Consolidated Fire District

covers the northwest corner of the township, Mt. Gilead Fire Department covers

the southern two-thirds of the township, and Iberia Joint Fire District covers the

northeast corner of the township. The Township is a rural community with many

residents involved in farming.  Other residents work outside the township in the

county or other communities.

Canaan Twp. Map.png
Corn fields in Canaan Township.jpg
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