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Canaan Township Zoning

Canaan Township is one of seven townships (Bennington, Canaan, Congress, Gilead, Harmony, North Bloomfield, and Washington) in Morrow County that is covered by the Morrow County Zoning Office. Cardington, Chester, Lincoln, South Bloomfield, Troy, and Westfield have adopted their own Zoning Regulations, and have their own zoning inspectors covering those townships. Franklin, Perry, and Peru townships currently have no zoning regulations. Furthermore, the established seven villages of Morrow County, have their own zoning as well.

Canaan township residents who wish to apply for a building permit or have zoning questions can call, email or visit the webiste of the Morrow County Zoning Office.


Call:  419-946-1911 



Website: Morrow County Zoning Office

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