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The township trustees are charged with maintaining four cemeteries:

  • North Canaan on County Road 28

  • Worden on County Road 130

  • South Canaan on County Road 27

  • Rice Cemetery on Township Road 60

Mowing and trimming the cemeteries is contracted each year. Because of bushes, plants, and

other decorations around the grave markers, the work is sometimes made more difficult - even

dangerous. The line of a weed trimmer can wrap around some decorations jerking the trimmer

violently out of the arms of the operator. A mower can pick up objects and throw them forcefully,

perhaps striking a visitor to the cemetery.

While the flowers look beautiful in the spring when they are first planted, they do not look

beautiful when the weeds and grass grow up through them hiding the flowers and monuments.

The trustees have developed a list of rules for plantings and decorations. It is hoped that the

rules will help maintain the clean look of the cemetery, and, at the same time, create a safe

environment for the maintenance workers and visitors alike.


Click here to view the full Cemetery Policy.



No children under the age of 16 are permitted within the Cemetery without adult supervision.

All visitors must display appropriate behavior while on the grounds of the Cemetery.

No pets shall be permitted in the Cemetery.


Bringing lunches, food, beverages, or illegal substances for consumption within the

Cemetery is strictly forbidden.


Sitting or leaning on monuments or walls is not permitted.


Only those vaults, grave markers, monuments, or vases approved by the Cemetery may

be used.


The Board or its authorized representative shall have the right to remove any dead or

damaged tree, shrub, or vine located within the Cemetery.


No touching, scraping, rubbing, or spraying of liquids on memorials or monuments is

permitted for any purpose.


Any person found on the Cemetery grounds without permission, including, but not limited to,

outside of posted hours or acting in violation of these rules and regulations will be considered

to be trespassing. To prosecute trespassing and any other violations of these rules and

regulations, the Board may take any and all enforcement action available under Ohio law.


Holders containing flowers or other decorations must be removed as soon as the flowers fade

and wither, and if not otherwise maintained, Cemetery personnel may make such removal.

Artificial flowers must be on or near a monument and outside of walkways.


No person shall use profane or boisterous language or in any way disturb the quiet and good

order of the Cemetery.


For extended visits to the Cemetery, visitors must make an effort to not park in such a way

as to obstruct other vehicle traffic.


Hunting is prohibited in the Cemetery.


Grave blankets are permitted November – March only.


Flowers may be planted in front, back, or side of monument and should not exceed more than

12 inches from the stone.


Items on Lots may be removed for mowing or burial purposes.


All flower baskets, vases, and other items should be disposed of properly.


Shrubs and trees are subject to the approval of the Cemetery. Once planted, they become the

property of the Cemetery. All persons are strictly forbidden to break or injure any shrub or tree,

or mar any landmark, memorial, or monument, or in any manner deface the grounds of the

Cemetery, including any structure, improvement, or landscaping.


All plantings must be kept weeded; shrubs must be trimmed; and decorated Lots must be

generally maintained. If not, the Cemetery reserves the right to clear neglected Lots.


No wire fence will be permitted around monuments or anywhere on grave Lots.


Cemetery personnel are employed by the Township and may not be hired or otherwise

engaged by Owners during the employee’s work hours.


All orders, inquiries, and complaints must be left at the Township Office.


Only Cemetery personnel so authorized shall be permitted to bring or carry firearms within the

Cemetery, except a military guard of honor only when in the charge of an Officer during a

military service.


All persons are reminded that the grounds are sacredly devoted to the burial of human remains

and that the provisions and penalties of law will be strictly enforced in all cases of wanton injury, disturbance, and disregard of these Rules and Ohio law.


Cemetery Lots may be purchased in only the following cemeteries:

North Canaan, South Canaan, and Worden Cemeteries.

Grave Rates for Township Residents and Land Owners: 

Single Grave       $120 

Two Graves         $220 

Three or more     $100 each 

All grave costs are quadruple for persons other than Canaan Twp. residents or landowner.


Burial Costs (residents and non-residents):

Infant Burial and Cremation -  $300 (maximum of two cremations per grave)

Opening and Closing Grave -  $750 

All interments and inurnments must be supervised and complete by township officials.

All burials require a vault.    

Other Costs (residents and non-residents):

Subsequent Opening and Closing Grave to move a body -  $1,200* 

*Additional costs may be added per judgment of the Cemetery  



The Canaan Township Trustees have the final authority over the installation and placement of .

all footers and monuments and must be contacted at least two weeks before a footer is

installed for a monument. The following are mandatory:


  1. The size of the monument and footer must not exceed the width of the lot.


   2. The footer must extend a minimum of one (1) inch on all sides beyond the base

       of the monument.


   3. The footer must extend at least thirty (30) inches deep with thirty-six (36) inches

       advisable. The size and weight of the stone will dictate extra depth, if necessary.


   4. The Canaan Township Trustees will mark the placement of the footer.

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