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The township trustees are charged with maintaining four cemeteries:

  • North Canaan on County Road 28

  • Worden on County Road 130

  • South Canaan on County Road 27

  • Rice Cemetery on Township Road 60

Mowing and trimming the cemeteries is contracted each year. Because of bushes, plants, and other decorations around the grave markers, the work is sometimes made more difficult - even dangerous. The line of a weed trimmer can wrap around some decorations jerking the trimmer violently out of the arms of the operator. A mower can pick up objects and throw them forcefully, perhaps striking a visitor to the cemetery.

While the flowers look beautiful in the spring when they are first planted, they do not look beautiful when the weeds and grass grow up through them hiding the flowers and monuments.

The trustees have developed a list of rules for plantings and decorations. It is hoped that the new rules will help maintain the clean look of the cemetery, and, at the same time, create a safe environment for the maintenance workers and visitors alike. Click here to view the Cemetery Policy.



  1. Artificial flowers must be on or near monument and out of walkways.

  2. Grave Blankets are permitted November through March only.

  3. Flower beds may be planted in the front, back, or side of monument not to extend more than 12 inches from the stone provided the bed does not extend beyond the limits of the lot.

  4. Any permanent structure, shrubs, and trees are subject to approval by trustees. Once installed or planted they become the property of the cemetery.

  5. Items on lots may be removed for mowing and burial purposes.

  6. All flower baskets, vases, and other items should be disposed of properly.

  7. All planted flowers must be kept weeded, shrubs must be trimmed, and decorated lots must be generally maintained. If not, the Trustees reserve the right to clear neglected lots.

  8. No wire fence will be permitted around monuments or anywhere on grave lots.


Cemetery Lots may be purchased in only North Canaan, South Canaan, and Worden Cemeteries.


Cemetery Grave Rates for Canaan Township Residents and/or Property Owners:

1. Cemetery Graves

      A. Single                         $120

      B. Double                        $220

      C. Triple                           $300

      D. Four or more               $100 each

 All grave costs are quadruple for persons other than Canaan Township residents or taxpayers  


2. Infant Burial & Cremation    $150

    Maximum of two (2) cremation permitted per grave 


3. Opening and Closing Grave $350

    All interments must be supervised and completed by the township officials.


4. Subsequent Opening and Closing to move a body - $600

    Additional costs may be added per judgment of the Trustees


5. All burials will require a vault.




The Canaan Township Trustees have the final authority over the installation and placement of all footers and monuments and must be contacted at least two weeks before a footer is installed for a monument. The following are mandatory:


  1. The size of the monument and footer must not exceed the width of the lot.


   2. The footer must extend a minimum of one (1) inch on all sides beyond the base

       of the monument.


   3. The footer must extend at least thirty (30) inches deep with thirty-six (36) inches

       advisable. The size and weight of the stone will dictate extra depth, if necessary.


   4. The Canaan Township Trustees will mark the placement of the footer.


 (RC 517.07, RC 517.14, RC 759.12, RC 759.31)


{Note: All deeds to cemetery lots must be recorded by the township clerk. No other recording is necessary. RC 517.07. This deed by the trustees to the purchaser grants a mere easement for burial purposes and provides only the right of burial, ornamentation, and erection of monuments. Any deed executed after July 24, 1986 may include additional requirements of the grantee, such as: (1) list of names and addresses of the persons to whom the grantee's property would pass by intestate succession; (2) require grantee to notify the board in writing of changes in address; (3) other terms authorized by RC 517.07.}

Further to have and to hold said lot or parcel so long as:

  •   The grantee shall provide to the Board of Township Trustees (or its successors or assigns), in writing, a list of the names and addresses of the persons to whom the grantee’s property would pass by intestate succession.

  • The grantee shall notify the Board in writing of any subsequent changes in the name or address of any persons to whom property would descent.

  • Any person who receives a Township cemetery lot by gift, inheritance, or any other means other than the original conveyance shall, within one year after receiving such interest, give written notice of their name and address to the Board having control of the cemetery, and shall notify the Board of any subsequent changes in their name or address.

The terms of this grant are subject to the Board of Canaan Township Trustees right of re-entry to the cemetery lot if the notification requirements are not met.  At least ninety days before establishing re-entry, the Board will send a notice by certified mail to the last known owner at their last known address to inform them that their interest in the lot will cease unless the notification requirements are met.  If the owner’s address is unknown and cannot reasonably be obtained, it will be sufficient to publish the notice once in a newspaper of general circulation in the county.

Upon passage of a resolution stating that the conditions of the sale or of the deed have not been fulfilled the cemetery Board shall reclaim its interest in the unused lot.

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