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Canaan Township 2022 Year End Review

As we wind down the year, we would like to share some of our successes and events for 2022.

We began the year with newly elected trustee, Tyler Levering. Tyler was born and raised in Canaan Township and has lived here for the past 35 years. Tyler is a young ambitious man eager and willing to learn the role of being a Township Trustee. He and his wife of 13 years, Brittany and their 4 children live in the northern section of Canaan Township on County Road 59.

As many of you are probably aware, the Federal Government released billions of dollars through what is called ARPA Funds, American Rescue Plan Act. These funds were enacted to help local governments with lost revenue funds anticipated from the Covid Pandemic of the last two years. All county and local governments were given the opportunity to sign on to receive these funds. It is prorated based on the local entities population. The township is being very cautious on how we spend the funds due to very strict Federal guidelines we must follow. As most of you have already noticed, our first project to use these funds was to install new vinyl flooring at the township hall. We had planned to replace the 2 entry doors prior to these funds being issued. The new doors were installed in the spring and the flooring was installed in the fall. Other projects we are considering include new HVAC units, new LED hardware in our interior lights, and a propane fired generator for backup electricity. The federal government is giving us until 2024 to appropriate these funds and the money must be spent by 2026 or it has to go back to Federal Treasury.

Canaan Township first applied for Ohio Public Works Commission funding to upgrade township roads in 2011. To date, we have received 8 years out of the last 10 years we have applied. In October, the northern one mile section of Township Road 60 was paved and bermed. We just completed the application for the next section of Township Road 60 between Township Road 67 and County Road 61. It is our goal to continue applying for these partial grants to upgrade township roadways. Without OPWC help, we could no way sustain repairs to roads, especially with these inflated oil prices.

As of May, North Canaan Cemetery has a new driveway extending into the new one acre lot. The trustees are currently working with a surveyor to plot out the new graves. The past several years, the cemeteries have been mowed by Mr. Eugene Ebert. We are very pleased with the performance of his landscape company. Mr. Ebert has expressed his desire to retire from the cemetery mowing, but we hope he will stay on for a few more years.

On June 13th, around 11 p.m. there was a wind and rain storm with possible tornados affecting this area. Canaan had most roads blocked by trees, some with live electric lines. The trustees worked the next several days to clear branches and trees. A big thank you to all those good Samaritans who helped clear the roadways as well.

It will soon be time to clear snow and ice from township roads. Canaan does not have our own snow plow and truck, so the past several years, Mitchell Trucking has contracted with the township to clear snow and apply brine coated grits at intersections.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!


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