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Township appoints new Fiscal Officer, Jill Retterer

October 2018

The trustees are pleased to announce the appointment of Jill Retterer as the new fiscal officer of Canaan Township. Jill and her husband, Todd, reside in the northeast portion of Canaan Township.

Jill is a graduate of Mt. Gilead High School and Marion Technical College and is currently employed with Mid-Ohio Sanitation and Recycling as their routing manager.

Jill has lived in Canaan Township all her life and looks forward to serving the residents by working with the township trustees to see that money is spent wisely and in the best interests of the residents.

Jill stepped into big shoes to fill when Deana Detwiler retired after serving the residents of Canaan Township for over 31 years. Deana began serving as the fiscal officer of Canaan Township in 1987 when she was appointed to fulfill the unexpired term of Barbara Grasmehr. Deana also served on the Board of Directors of the Ohio Township Association and was a great help to many local fiscal officers starting their positions with other townships.The trustees are grateful for Deana's many years of service to the residents of Canaan Township and wish her well in her much deserved retirement.

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