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Township Awarded OPWC Grant for 2024

July 2024

In October 2023, the trustees submitted an application to OPWC (Ohio Public Works Commission) for a grant to widen and resurface Township Road 60 one mile beginning at Township Road 67 then heading north commencing at County Road 61. The project also includes a tile repair at the intersection of TR 60 and TR 65. The application was submitted as Township Road 60 Improvements, Phase 4. The total engineer's estimate for this project was $149,514.

The township received the award letter from the OPWC on July 1st approving the grant. Bids were opened at the regular township meeting on July 9, 2024. The township received four bids.

The trustees unanimously accepted the bid from Small's Asphalt Paving of Gambier, Ohio. Small's came in with the lowest bid at $176,627.55. The OPWC grant will cover $110,640, which is 74% of the engineer’s estimate. The engineer's estimate was $149,514. Due to an error in the engineer's estimate, the township had to issue an addendum for the bid packet doubling the quantities needed for the aggregate base and asphalt aggregate. The township would typically be responsible for 26% of the project, or $38,874. The cost to the township will be approximately $27,114 additional over the initial 26% estimate of township funds. The total out of pocket cost for the township will be approximately $65,988. The other bids received were Shelly and Sands $185,141.50, Kokosing $203,830.50 and Park Enterprises for $269,273.46.

The paving project is expected to start in September or October of 2024 and completed no later than October 31, 2024. The paving of this section of Township Road 60 will complete the paving and widening of all 5 miles of Township Road 60 in Canaan Township.



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