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Canaan Township 2023 Year End Review

As we look back at last year, we would like to share some of the events and successes for Canaan Township for 2023.

In the beginning of the year, while checking road conditions, trustees noticed some roads needing repairs. In April, the trustees worked to patch potholes on several roads (Township Roads 60, 64, 67) and over the summer funds were used to upkeep and maintain different roadways with chip and seal projects. The township continues to work on more grant opportunities to continue resurfacing more of our roadways. Some roadway signs were also repaired.

In January, Mr. Bayles attended the Ohio Township Association Convention in Columbus. He was able to attend several informative sessions including Alternative Funding for Roads, Ohio EMS and Fire Service, Abandoned Properties, ARPA Funds, and Cemetery Administration Policies and Grants.

In the spring, work began on the mapping of the new one-acre section of North Canaan Cemetery. With the help of former trustee, Mr. Edward Sayers, there were a total of more than 600 new graves mapped out.

Mr. Gene Ebert continued mowing and doing a wonderful job with upkeep of the cemeteries and Mitchell Trucking worked hard during the snowy winter months to keep our roads plowed.

American Rescue Plan Act funds were used to install new lighting in the township hall. The same funds were used to install new HVAC units and a generator at the township building.

We would like to recognize Clover Posse 4-H Club. They spent time working hard to clean and brighten up the township road ditches. With the help of 16 adults and 27 children, they worked to collect 166 pounds of trash out of 11 township road ditches. What a great service they provided to our township!

As we continue to serve the residents of Canaan Township, we look forward to a great 2024!

Best Regards,

Canaan Township Trustees

John Bayles

Matthew Carwell

Tyler Levering


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