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Canaan Township Signs New One Year Contract With Energy Harbor

September 15, 2023

The Canaan Township Trustees recently signed a Second Amendment to the Master Agreement with Energy Harbor to continue to provide services to an Aggregated Group dated June 14, 2010. This contract only applies to Canaan Township Residents that have Ohio Edison as their electric provider. The notification all Ohio Edison customers in Canaan Township received by mail can be viewed by opening the pdf file below.


Community Electric Aggregation Notification 10.10.2023
Download PDF • 376KB

Since 2010, when township voters approved Electric Aggregation, the township has had a contract with Energy Harbor as the energy SUPPLIER for those Ohio Edison customers who choose to be part of the Electric Aggregation Program.

With rising energy costs, the township began exploring options to maximize the savings with the aggregation program. Countywide Electric Aggregation was on the ballot in the spring of 2022, but it did not pass. There are currently five townships in Morrow County that have Electric Aggregation: Canaan, Cardington, Gilead, Perry, and Washington townships. At a recent meeting with the County Commissioners and Amy Hoffman, Energy Consultant with Palmer Energy, it was determined that savings would be greater if the townships that currently have Electric Aggregation would join together for pricing. The process has been started for the County Commissioners to become the Electric Aggregator for the county. Once they have held two public hearings and receive approval from the PUCO, the County Commissioners will be the new Aggregator for the townships that wish to join together.

The process for the county to become the Electric Aggregator will take longer than December 31, 2023, which is when Canaan Township's current four year contract with Energy Harbor is set to expire. Because of this, the township has entered into a short one year agreement with Energy Harbor to remain the SUPPLIER for Ohio Edison customers in Canaan Township for the year 2024.The new price effective January 1, 2024, will go up from the current price of 4.94 cents per kWh to 6.52 cents per kWh. As stated before, with rising energy costs, this still ends up being a better supplier price than the current supplier price that Ohio Edison offers - around 10.5 cents per kWh.

Toward the end of 2024, the Canaan Township Trustees will cede authority to the County Commissioners. The County Commissioners will then shop for the best rate for all the townships that currently have Electric Aggregation. Palmer Energy Consultant Amy Hoffman will help with this process that is called a Request for Proposal. This will provide even more savings to Canaan Township Residents with a greater number of households participating in the Aggregation Group. Depending on who is awarded the contract next year, the supplier may remain Energy Harbor or could potentially change to a different supplier.

The option to opt out of the Electric Aggregation Program is always available and there are no early withdraw penalties or fees. To opt out, a Canaan Township Resident may contact Energy Harbor directly at 1-866-636-3749. You may also enter your 10-digit Opt-Out Code online at If you have any questions about choosing electric suppliers or governmental aggregation programs, you can contact the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio at 1-800-686-7826 or visit

If a Canaan Township Resident has any questions regarding this program and how it might affect them, please reach out to one of the trustees or the fiscal officer. All contact information for township officials is available at


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